How to Join

We will continue to monitor the spread of COVID-19 as we resume our in person operations at Doulos Athletics. We ask that you continue to remain flexible with any schedule changes, class adjustments and safety requirements that we implement during this unprecedented time.

We are not allowing any walk ins or unscheduled visits during COVID-19. You must be scheduled prior to coming to the facility. We appreciate your cooperation during this time. Please contact us to get scheduled.

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New to Group Fitness
At Doulos Athletics, we require all new clients (without previous experience) to correctly on-board with us prior to jumping into our group classes. Our private on-boarding sessions are set around your schedule. One of our on-boarding trainers will take you through our movement assessment screens & basic gym etiquette. This includes lifting mechanics (for the sports of Olympic weightlifting & Power lifting) and their modifications, implementing HIIT and review of our class structure, and a work out to conclude each session. After completion of all sessions, you and your coach will build your monthly plan and join your new team for a class experience like nothing before.
Experienced Athlete
At Doulos Athletics we require an in-person consultation with all new inquiries. Why? We do this to learn about YOU. As your coaches, we want to see you succeed (that is our passion). This gives us the opportunity to understand your goals, motivation, and any previous injury or health concerns that need to be discussed prior to joining the group model. Putting you in the best position to achieve your goals safely is our top priority!

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